Our Services

Big Blue Fire Protection provides outstanding fire protection solutions at the highest possible value to industrial, commercial, and residential clients in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland, BC.

Services Include:
  • Annual Inspections
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Testing
  • Repair
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When You Work With Big Blue Fire Protection, You Know That….

You Are Dealing With a Company Whose Core Value is Integrity

Big Blue Fire Protection founder Terry Hartwick was once told that his integrity was “too high”—and he and his staff wear this critique as a badge of pride.

The Sales Professionals Are Also Your Service Providers

The job will get done exactly as you expect, without confusion, changes, or communication breakdowns.

You Are Leveraging Talent and Knowledge

Our staff of service providers have a combined experience of 20 years of fire protection experience!

You Are Saving

Our operation is lean, with minimal overhead. We are utterly focused on delivering value without sacrificing quality.

You Are Accessing a One-Stop-Shop Fire Protection Services Experience

All of our services are in-house rather than contracted, so we can mobilize quickly to address any need you might have—whenever it arises.